A Diggers Diary 

Acrylic on Canvas 

170 x 110cm 


The painting is composed out of rectangular squares which symbolise diary pages depicting events described by the diggers during the Gallipoli landings.  The fob watch, which was found inside an army medical Corp private’s pocket captured that unlucky first wave landing, within minutes after 4.30 am of 24, April 1915. 


PS…The Verse- 


“Yesterday, scarlet shadows 

of poppies on oars,  

rowing us young souls 

to battle rugged shores. 

Today, trenches dug out from  

pebbles and sandcastles,  

met by rusted ribbons  

of barbed wired parcels. 

Empathy oozes through  

weapons while we wait… 

For orders to battle our foe 

we don’t even hate.” 


Is written by the artist not by a digger.