[Proud Granddaughter of Major James Francis McDonald] 

Loyalty Knows no Bounds 

Mixed media 

85 x 120cm 


Their loyalty knew no bounds, the Walers of the Light Horse.  


Each had a name, each was dutiful, humble, destined to serve, but not return. This piece is in honour  of them.  

The fragility of their existence is depicted as starkly hinged to the monochromatic chaos of war. Their  wounds, the inevitable tares, and scars of battle, all undeniably obvious, serving as testimony to their  bravery. Bravery forged in loyalty, compelled by courage, and harnessed with humility. 

The presence of the Waler in this piece is perhaps not obvious at first, that is intentional,  it is reflective of their quiet and unpretentious demeanour. Unharnessed, released from the obligation of battle until the return of his Light Horseman, he waits under the searing desert sun, adapting to the harsh, unfamiliar surroundings until called upon. 

The strong, gentle natured Walers knew not what awaited them, but as history can attest, their  bravery was incalculable, their devotion unwavering and until their heartbreaking final breath, their  loyalty knew no bounds.