The Wounded Soldier 

Oil and acrylic on canvas 

61 X 61cm 


“The Wounded Soldier” is a reflection on the deep scars left by war, both visible and invisible. This artwork delves into the personal aftermath of conflict, focusing on the internal and external wounds that soldiers carry. It seeks to present the reality of suffering endured by those who have fought, highlighting the enduring physical and psychological pain. 


In creating this piece, I aimed to strip away the glorification often associated with combat, instead presenting a raw, unembellished perspective on the soldier’s experience. The figure in the artwork represents not just a single individual but all who have been marked by the brutality of war. 


This work is intended to provoke a sombre reflection on the costs of conflict, inviting viewers to consider the lasting impact of war on the human spirit. “The Wounded Soldier” serves as a reminder of the resilience required to face such trials, yet it acknowledges the heavy burden that many carry silently. Through this portrayal, I hope to foster a deeper understanding and empathy for the challenges faced by returning soldiers and the complex journey toward healing and peace.