Acrylic on Canvas 

54 X 54cm 


2011 saw the Second Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment deployed to Afghanistan as Mentoring Task-force 3. The deployment saw two major incidents. Taliban infiltrators in the Afghani army, shot, killed or wounded a number of Australian soldiers and Afghani interpreters. 


Whilst both of these incidents were unforgiveable to the perpetrators, the task-force still had a commitment to the Afghani people. The mission was to mentor and assist the Afghani’s, so they could have some semblance of life in a country ravaged by decades of war. 


This painting reflects the bonds that were being rebuilt post these incidents. 


It was laborious work, rebuilding a trust after it came toppling down with two separate trigger pulls. 

But as some mates were sent home in a flag draped coffin, we still had to help the mates we had made amongst the Afghani people. 


When I saw the fall of Kabul splashed across my television screen, I asked the question, why did we waste our time and Australian lives? 


Then I thought of the men who lost their lives in those incidents. We did it because we believed in it and were willing to make the sacrifice for the Afghanis.