Reflecting in Silence 

Oil on cavas 

122 X 76cm 

As an artist, I am frequently inspired by a scene and a desire to capture it in an oil painting. Whilst my wife and I were travelling in Thailand some years ago, we were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery.  Walking around this Cemetery in silence, and reflecting on the presence of the souls laying to rest here, many of whom had suffered and died during the construction of the Thailand-Burma railway during World War II is a humbling experience. The Cemetery is immaculately presented and maintained – it’s beautifully tragic – as seen by the vibrance in the colours of the plants, flowers and grass, it was a landscape scene I had to honour and preserve as a painting.  

I hope my painting gives those who may never venture to this War Grave, or any other around the world, an opportunity to understand the emotion one experiences at this soulful and peaceful commemoration to the spirits of those who lost their lives through warfare; and remember the stories that should not be forgotten.