To Live and Let Live  

Mixed media on canvas 

41 X 51cm 

By making this painting, I wanted to portray a vision of a Turkish young man that also, like all the Anzac soldiers that fought in Gallipoli, was just like them, fighting for his country in sheer determination protecting the present and future generations of his people. I, myself, am a descendant of that brave nation and I am also proud to say that I’m a permanent resident of this wonderful country, Australia. It saddens me to know that Australia and Turkiye`s paths first ever met through the unfortunate World War 1. Yet, to know we have all learned that war is never the solution, and that we will always strive to keep the peace, comforts me. I commemorate all the veterans and martyrs of Gallipoli with respect and gratitude. 

In a contemporary manner, I chose a soft palette, using light pinks, yellow, and white shades to imply shades of the battle but also to signify hope and perseverance to live and let live.