The Night Quilt

96 x 131cm

Quilts have historically been memory diaries, sewn in geometric patterns.

This quilt also conforms to the geometric features of a quilt, but here the evocatively painted rectangles have superimposed platoons of stitched together bullet cases and engraved lead squares.

Lead is already identified as deadly.

Lead is imbibed with death.

The central motif is a row of bullet case crosses reaching out in a seemingly infinite line.

The lead squares are sewn and engraved with factual information about the Gallipoli Campaign.

The quilt is edged with an engraved lead ribbon.

Such a quilt is a painful companion after all wars.

Sleep torments with images best forgotten; but they surface unbidden anyway.

It takes courage to sleep…

It takes, companionship and sharing to bear the burden of this quilt.