Worthy Allies 

Acrylic on Canvas 

73 x 88cm 


Egypt, as depicted in my painting, played a vital roll in the WW1 war effort for the Australian Armed Forces.  It was the country where the soldiers first trained to become fit for battle. It was also where the field hospital camps were established to care for the wounded while they convalesced in safety.   

Importantly, it was also where the 1st Imperial Camel Brigade was established and trained.  

Many different animals were deployed throughout the war. Dogs, pigeons, horses, and camels were conscripted into roles they would not have necessarily chosen in peacetime.  

Camels were ideal for the desert campaigns not only in battle but also to transport supplies & troops across the ancient lands.  

What particularly interested me was the considerable number of the Australian Light horsemen who joined the 1st Camel Corps. Their horse handling skills were gradually adapted to working with camels and contrary to some beliefs camels and riders formed a strong bond.  

Together they became a formidable fighting unit, each relying on one another for survival.  

Camels proved to be very “worthy allies” to the Light horsemen.  And in turn contributed greatly to the war effort and the ultimate victory for the allies.