Splendour Rock 

Acrylic on Canvas 

76 x 91cm 


Since 1948 the greater Sydney bushwalking community have commemorated the Anzac Dawn Service at “Splendour Rock” atop Mt Dingo in the Wild Dog Mountains of the Blue Mountains National Park.  This short, dignified service commemorates the 13 known bushwalkers who died in WW2. 


Fellow bushwalkers erected this plaque on “Splendour Rock” that overlooks the rugged mountains and valleys of the Kanangra Boyd National Park where they explored in the 1930s and is still a favourite destination for bushwalkers today. 


To attend this service requires a 4-5 hour walk in and an overnight camp to attend the 6am service.  As a bushwalker and ex soldier (3RAR Vietnam) I have attended 6 services over the last 30 years and believe it is incumbent on all bushwalkers to attend at least one of these services. 


In this work I try to convey the sublime scenery from this sacred site for bushwalkers.