Restless Hope Syndrome

Mix Media (Watercolor,Gouache) on paper

73 x 70 cm


This painting drew inspiration from an Anzac soldier who survived and found himself in a peculiar village at the battle of Gallipoli.


The work is abstracted as the feelings associated with his story are not visually tangible and using symbolism of line, colour, shape and texture I capture the complexity of a moment of confusion, displacement, anxiety, and chaos.


Upon visiting the ‘War Museum’ in Canberra I found myself for the first time on the side of the ‘enemy’ as a Turkish citizen.


I felt deeply the grief, and broken lives on both sides of war as a commonality that traverses across borders and continues in ongoing conflicts that create displacement. Using imagery of soldiers combined with bright and dark colour and tone, I reflect on the past and look to the future. Hope becomes the key to survival.