Embracing the dawn

Acrylic on canvas

76 x 102

I wanted to express the significance of the Dawn service and what it means to me. The first appearance of light in the morning followed by the sunrise. A time to reflect and remember.  And so, it evolved into a painting full of historical symbolism expressed in a contemporary manner with a vibrant palette.

The kookaburra, a metaphor for the Anzac hero. Common in animal totem symbolism the kookaburra is a symbol for teamwork, unity, family and healing. Surrounded by a garden of poppies, a symbol of war remembrance. The pink hue of an emerging sunrise signifying hope and melding into a backdrop of a handwoven Turkish rug. Whos’ motifs and pattern designs historically are specifically arranged to tell a weaver’s personal story. Here, the ‘arrow’ motif is a general protective symbol. Finally, the Dove, a universal symbol of peace. Remembering the past and how it is woven into our present.